Dr. Henzel Tagalog Embalzado

Dr. Henzel, a Filipino national, holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counseling Psychology from Assumption University of Thailand, and is currently working as a business professor at Assumption University specializing in the field of consumer psychology and purchase behaviors.

In his work as a university lecturer, Dr. Henzel also serves as a part-time university counselor under the Graduate School of Psychology handling cases of university students’ personal, academic and social problems. He also acts as internship supervisor among counseling interns with whom he supervises them in their counseling works, data recording and case processing.

Dr. Henzel earned his Master of Science in Psychology degree at Ateneo De Davao University and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Mass Communication at University of Mindanao, both from Davao City, Philippines. Prior to his coming to Thailand, Dr. Henzel has been a psychology instructor at the University of Immaculate Conception, where he formed the psychology program for the undergraduate level and served as a part-time guidance counselor of the school. He handled cases such as absenteeism, tardiness, anxiety, depression, bullying, among other issues prevalent among teenagers and young people.

Dr. Henzel has been an advocate of exploring and understanding personality dynamics to achieve personal well-being. His doctoral study revolved around personality temperament types where he developed a scale on personality temperament that identifies each person’s temperament types. For Dr. Henzel, learning about the temperament type is crucial in achieving wellness as it is only through understanding the dynamics of a temperament type that a person can appropriately find mechanisms to cope with life’s problems. He mainly uses personality temperament types in his counseling processes.

Languages: English / Tagalog / Visayas