Our relationship coaches provide therapy for co-founders particularly in start-up organizations. Relationship problems between co-founders are one of the biggest reasons why some companies don’t make it. Our partnership coaches can help you improve communication skills, manage challenging work relationships, and help build trust. We also provide partnership and executive coaching to managers and executives from a wide range of organizations and industries. Co-leadership skills are a set of intellectual and interpersonal skills that need to be learned and developed. In light of this, we help co-leaders identify and understand patterns and group dynamics that can help their organizations move forward.

Our therapists and coaches have been through rigorous academic training. All our therapists and coaches are master’s or doctorate level therapists and psychologists. In addition, our coaches have undergone additional training or have had extensive experience in business or organizational management.

If your particular concern is not on this list, you can still call BPS at 6684-239-1569. It is very likely that there is a psychotherapist in the team who has knowledge, skill, and experience in that area.