What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist ?

A psychiatrist is a physician who has received training in mental illnesses in addition to physical ones, who can prescribe medication which psychotherapist cannot. A psychotherapist is one who has received specialized training in human behavior, including emotions and how to regulate them through a wide variety of strategies and psychotherapeutic skills.

What about medication ?

Bangkok Psychological Services specializes in evidence-based psychotherapy. While we do not prescribe medications at Bangkok Psychological Services, we do work with several psychiatrists in the area when medication might be an appropriate component to the treatment.

When do you think you need help ?

In today’s fast paced society, sometimes life can take a toll on even the strongest of individuals.
Do you constantly:

    • Feel generally unhappy?
    • Feel a little stuck in life?
    • Have traumatic events in your past that haunts you?
    • Worry too much about things?
    • Worry about your future decisions and actions.

Perhaps this is the time to talk to a professional psychotherapist, to allow the therapist to walk you through and process with the issue/s affecting you.
A psychotherapist can help you:

    • Come up with plans for solving problems
    • Feel stronger in the face of challenges
    • Change behaviors that hold you back
    • Look at ways of thinking that affect how you feel
    • Heal the pains from you past
    • Figure out your goals
    • Build self-confidence and better communication

How do I decide what therapist to see?

The match between a client and his or her therapist is one of the most important predictors of whether or not therapy will be beneficial. Because of this, Bangkok Psychological Services is committed to helping you find a therapist with whom you feel there is a good match, whether that is one of us at Bangkok Psychological Services or helping to find a referral to one of our many respected colleagues in Bangkok, Thailand. After reading a little about each of the therapist, if you find one that seems like a potential good fit, please call 084-2391569 to schedule an intake session. If no one here seems like they could be a match for what you are looking for, feel free to call us and we will try to find an appropriate referral for you with another provider in the area.

How frequent are sessions and how long will therapy last?

The number of sessions you will need depends on you, your therapist and your concerns. There is no fixed number of sessions. However, it is important to keep in mind that therapy is a therapeutic process that takes time to reap full benefits. At your first meeting, you and your therapist will discuss your initial goals for therapy and negotiate an initial number of sessions to which both of you will commit. Bangkok Psychological Services does not limit the number of sessions that a person can access; this allows clients to work in-depth with their therapist through a variety of issues.

Will my partner/spouse/boss/parent find out that I am in therapy ?

No, unless you explicitly give your written consent to have us provide them with information. What is discussed in therapy is confidential and private. Confidentiality and the limits to confidentiality will be explained to you in detail before you even begin therapy so that you can feel confident that the information you discuss with your therapist will be private.

How confidential is therapy ?

At Bangkok Psychological Services we believe your confidentiality and privacy is extremely important.

How much does therapy cost?

The cost of individual therapy at the center varies by therapist. We also see a number of clients at a reduced fee or probono.

  • Individual   60 Mins 3,000 THB
  • Couple 90 Mins