Individual Therapy

Consists of meeting one-on-one with a trained psychotherapist (therapy psychologist/therapist) to discuss specific concerns in a confidential setting. The aim of therapy is to increase the client’s sense of well-being by providing her/him with the tools to resolve life problems in a positive manner. The therapist will work with the client collaboratively, identity her/his concerns, work through difficult issues, highlight causes, explore options, develop strategies, and increase self-awareness.

To ensure that therapeutic goals and actions make sense within the context of the client’s life, her/his unique experiences will be central to the discussion at all times. While the work done in a session sets the foundation for change, the work done outside the session is vitally important in developing new skills and sustaining change. The truth is that almost any problem that stands between the person and the goals, priorities, and commitments of her/his life may be improved with the help of a skilled, experienced, and trained psychotherapist.

Some of the most common problems and challenges that often motivate people to seek out the help of a professional psychotherapist includes, but is not limited to, the following:

o Depression
o Anxiety/Panic and Stress
o Grief and Loss, Bereavement
o Low Self-Esteem and Confidence
o Career Issues
o Social Skill Building
o Guilt
o Lack of Assertiveness
o Relationship Concerns and Conflict
o Communication Problems
o Trust Intimacy Issues
o Separation/Divorce
o Life Transitions
o Infidelity and Broken Trust
o Compassion Fatigue
o Cultural Adjustment
o Transition Stress
o Midlife Crisis
o Parenting and Family Issues
o Cross Cultural Adjustment and Orientation
o Anger Management
o Stress Management & Life-Work Balance
o LGBT Issues: Coming Out, Positive Identity, Relationships
o Employee Assistant Program (EAP)
o Clinical Assessment
o Other Issues Relating to Personal Wellness

If your particular concern is not on this list, you can still call BPS at 6684-239-1569. It is very likely that there is a psychotherapist in the team who has knowledge, skill, and experience in that area.